Guide Programme for Large Gardens

Regular General Maintenance:
Cutting back of shrubs, hedges, small tree work, weed control of beds and borders, blow/ sweeping hard standings etc.

4 treatments a year to produce a lush lawn, cut and striped upon each visit during the peak growing season.

Soil Conditioning:
All beds and borders are top dressed with our organic soil conditioner during the winter.

Waste is taken away if required and recycled.

Large gardens are usually maintained every week during the peak season and bi-weekly during the winter and range from between 6 and 14 man hours per visit.

Driveways, patios, paths and decking are cleant once annually before the summer season.

Approx. Price-range:
£550-1300 a month inc. of all materials and labour costs.

Please Note: That programmes are averaged over 12 monthly installments and fixed for at least a year. Our programmes can be cancelled at any time. All programmes are individually assessed and this is purely a guide. Parking and congestion charges may apply in Central London Gardens & Grounds. Prices are subject to VAT.

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